About HenyKat

HenyKat opened it's doors in Fountain, NC in August of 2015 to provide a weekly sale for local residents as well as to provide estate and consignment sale services. Since that time we have increased our scope of services and began to offer online auction services. We offer very competitive rates for our services in a historic building with a clean and comfortable environment. In addition to our auctions at our business location, we provide estate auctions and estate tag sale services. We use the latest technology in order to market and facilitate our sales and service. Please feel free to contact us about your auction needs or any questions you may have about our auctions or tag sales.


We are located at: 6752 E. Wilson St., Fountain, NC 27829. Click HERE to find us on Google Maps.

Telephone: (252)640-8735 (Zack) or (252)945-6529 (Kate)

Email: zack@henykat.com

HenyKat is owned and operated by Hendrik van Dorp, III

North Carolina Auctioneer License Number: 9860